What is the ECO4 Scheme?

The ECO4 scheme, or Energy Company Obligation, is a government-backed energy efficiency program aimed at helping households in the UK reduce their energy bills and tackle fuel poverty. Launched in August 2022 and set to run until March 2026.

Overall, the ECO4 scheme plays a crucial role in improving the energy efficiency of homes and reducing fuel poverty in the UK. If you think you may be eligible for support under the scheme, use our eligibility checker to find out or call us on 01282 216025.

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Under the ECO4 scheme, energy suppliers are obligated to fund energy efficiency measures for eligible households. This funding comes from a levy on energy suppliers, ensuring that those who can afford it contribute to helping households in need.


Eligibility for the ECO4 scheme is based on various factors, including income level, receipt of certain benefits, and the energy efficiency of your home. Priority is given to vulnerable households, such as those living in fuel poverty.


The ECO4 scheme offers funding for a range of energy efficiency measures, including; loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, first-time central heating, boiler replacements or upgrades, smart heating controls, solar PV panels and air source heat pumps. These measures help to improve the energy efficiency of homes, reduce heating costs, and lower carbon emissions.


Energy efficiency measures funded under the ECO4 scheme are installed by accredited installers who meet specific quality and safety standards. This ensures that installations are carried out correctly and to a high standard, maximising the benefits for households.

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